Stupid Things People Do in Atlanta

Call us ornery but are people in Atlanta getting more…aggravating? Doing business in Atlanta and sometimes just living here can be a real test of manners and we’ve put together a short list of the things Atlantans are doing that are just driving us up the wall.

It's Gettin' Hot in Herrr
Stupid Thing: Complaining About the Weather
Listen, unless you’re Al Roker we don’t need a first-hand account of the current weather conditions. Atlanta weather can be summed up by one of three words: hot, hotter or oppressively humid. You’re not breaking any news.

Stupid Thing: Getting to the Airport Excessively Early/Late
Have you ever been to the airport before? If so, you should know that Hartsfield-Jackson is ALWAYS crowded and that you’re going to have to park miles away and walk or ride the shuttle to your gate which could take a while. We don’t need you clogging up the atrium or Pascal’s for 4 hours at a time and yeah, the security lines are always this long so we’ve got no sympathy for you when you’re ‘going to miss your flight.’

Stupid Thing: Wearing Bowties
If you’re not going to a debutante ball or an afternoon wedding in 1946 you shouldn’t be wearing a bowtie on the streets of Atlanta. This holds particularly true in business meetings, Jethro.
Stupid Thing: Driving at Mach-3
Sure, Atlanta’s a sprawling city but does that mean you’ve got to get to where you’re going at 90mph? Between the gridlock traffic on I-75 and the Autobahn that is I-85 we think rush hour is as good as any time to telecommute in.

Stupid Thing: Talk About “The Old Way”
Tradition is nice and all but when you talk about how your “grandfather wouldn’t do it that way” and the “forefathers” and all that it makes the lot of us here in Atlanta look a bit, well, backwards. Please stop bringing up Robert E. Lee any chance you get and hop on the train…it’s a new millennium and Atlanta’s a diverse, technologically advanced business center, not a Moose Lodge.

HotlantaStupid Thing: Call it “Hotlanta”
…or “The Big Peach” or the “City Too Busy to Hate” or particularly the “New York of the South.” Saying these things lets everyone within earshot know that you’re either not from around here or that you’ve been listening to way too much early-00s rap music.

Phew. We feel better getting that all out. Have any Atlanta complaints of your own? Leave your own “Hotlanta” pet peeves in the comments section below…


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